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  核心提示: Hello, welcome to less than forex21 site, where you can talk and ask questions about forex21, LOL, ...

Hello, welcome to less than forex21 site, where you can talk and ask questions about forex21, LOL, and all kinds of games you want to know. Finally, take a wave of attention ~!您好,迎接来到小于的forex21地盘,在这里您可以尽情的谈话,尽情的提问关于forex21、LOL及各类游戏所有你想知道的。最后走一波关注喽~


Game player: Tomb of Yan rain hard to leave a heart

We use the lucky cracker to see the permissions of forex21. You will find that most of them are about network privileges, including modifying the WiFi link data of mobile phones. There are many, you can go to see. I use the lucky crack machine to prohibit these permissions when forex21 actually deleted himself. So far, I have not downloaded, this is an open and aboveboard rogue software.玩家:墓琰秋雨难离一份心



Player: drop, love card

The insider insider does not clear, before the route is TP 886n, 2.4G450M, download and watch videos all the normal play glory is not regular forex21, do not know how much delay pit teammates, occasionally 300+, anyway, how how to suck, Baidu is saying, then try to play the game with WIFI when the first restart the router, normally played two games after the restart, and then began to collapse in forex21... Smashing routers... A few days ago, the company's router update, change the next batch of net parts 3400, 20 pieces, looking for logistics buy, take home installed, okay, the world is quiet... So far, continuous startup for half a month, even on the direct open black, delay, occasionally 110+, basically stable at about 78.

In addition, the distance is also very affecting the network, and I can only open in the living room near the black, and once entered the bedroom, there are only two or three grid signal, forex21 is not necessarily, and occasionally become a dog will be sure.玩家:滴丶爱心卡




Player: tolerant igniter

Forex21 can not play, all forex21 cards dead, the truth is that the server is poor.玩家:容济焚烧器



With WI-FI often forex21, previously thought it was ugly server problem, recently asked a friend what happened, he said that you are far away from WI-FI. Holding a try to rescue the psychological, so I put in the living room of the WI-FI moved to the bedroom, in the bedroom playing, really not forex21. And I found that 4G signal distance attenuation is very serious, 2 meters with 5 meters of transmission speed is very different, so we must close distance use 4G, diaphragm wall basic GG.用WI-FI经常forex21,以前一向以为是地丑办事器问题,比来问同伙怎么回事,他说就是你离WI-FI远了。抱着试一试抢救一下的心理于是我把放在客厅的WI-FI移到卧室,在卧室打果真不forex21了。而且我发明4G旌旗灯号的距离衰减异常严重,2米跟5米的传输速度相差极大,是以人人一定要近距离应用4G,隔道墙基本GG。


Player: Billy sometimes

No insider. What's the point of beating Onokazu, little soldier, forex21? How many people display cards or something? Even if you people that I play cards when come across forex21 dragon grab it, how to say? Or Tai Lung's skills are too fancy, so I can not show, so card? That's OK. I'm playing with a friend on the same network and a cell phone. I'm forex21 or he's forex21, and he or I'm okay. What do you mean? Summing up, who winning who's forex21 high risk. Last night, I was single from platinum to diamond. Later, playing with friends, matching my forex21 direct drop, rather than card, really 66666, last night, the first time to see forex21 directly dropped, and can not see the opposite side of my teammates to help me.玩家:比利偶



Player: Fn cow

I think this is a bit of a continuous play a few qualifying team mate Peigemoqi, who played well, well, every time a group, or with the arrests of forex21 when his teammates, it is flat, high configuration, communication network hardware to do good, the result is not Carlton, if mobile phone, ha ha. forex21 I think this day the United States absolute control system, in order to control.玩家:Fn牛



Player: Only, matches

Not much to say, today, I just started a data connection, is relatively flat, I have been the strongest sign of Gao Jianli, when the group is ready to wave, I can't move, there have been forex21 direct, then 1 minutes, forex21 of the whole, the crystal was pushed! I can't say what I mean. But, oh, weird!玩家:丨Only丶火柴



It took less than three days to update the forex21 Canyon, the 67 heroes, the new recommendations, the outfit, and the inscriptions, and everyone's attention is less than the hero's strategy after only returning the hero's name.小于用了三天的时间更新了forex21峡谷67位英雄全新的推荐出装以及铭文搭配,人人关注小于之后只需答复英雄名字即可获得该英雄的攻略。

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