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            核心提示: 我们从小到大,在各种评比之中度过,年幼的时候会看谁最乖,上学了看谁成绩最好,毕业之后看谁赚的钱最多。事事都会被身边的人乃至自己拿来进行对比。一年过去了...

          我们从小到大,在各种评比之中度过,年幼的时候会看谁最乖,上学了看谁成绩最好,毕业之后看谁赚的钱最多。事事都会被身边的人乃至自己拿来进行对比。一年过去了,2017年动漫里又有哪些“最好”呢?We go from small to large, and we spend all kinds of comparisons. When we are young, we will see who is the best and go to school to see who gets the best results. After graduation, we will see who earns the most money. Everything will be compared by the people around you and even by themselves. A year has passed, what are the "best" in the animation in 2017?

          The loveliest lolie, "the maid of the little Lin's Dragon", Kang Na最可爱的萝莉《小林家的龙女仆》 康娜

          今年的新番中依旧有不少可爱的妹子能满足萌豚们的幻想,比如《此花绮谭》中的柚、《Urara迷路帖》中的千矢等。但说到最萌、最可爱的小萝莉,那就不得不提一月新番《小林家的龙女仆》中的康娜了。康娜是一头体积庞大的龙,但变成人类后却是一个拥有圆脸、大眼睛、小尾巴、小粗腿的小萝莉。康娜有很多可爱的地方,比如天然呆的性格、抓到啥吃啥的食癖、尾巴可以接入到插座上进行自我充电等。This way in there is still a lot of lovely girl can meet the adorable pigs, fantasy, such as "the flower of pomelo, Qi Tan" "Urara" in the post lost chiya etc.. But when it comes to the most adorable, cute little Lolita, it will have to mention the January - "home" dragon maid Kobayashi in Kang Na. Kang Na was a huge dragon, but when it became human, he was a little lolie with a round face, a big eye, a small tail, and a little thick leg. Kang Na has a lot of lovely places, such as the nature of the character, what to catch what to eat the fetish, the tail can be connected to the socket for self charge and so on.


          Kang Na is a dragon mother who has come to the human world for the pursuit of TOL's footsteps, and the other is that the pranks have been exiled from the original world. There is a kind of personality, giving people a natural impress. He is now living in the house of Kobayashi and is taken care of by tol. With a strong curiosity and appetite, the appearance is very similar to the human primary school pupil, wearing a national style clothes. At the very admiration of Thor, at the beginning, he was very reluctant to turn "Torre" into Xiaolin, a servant girl. After that, he opened his heart to Xiao Lin with contact and learned more about the human world. On the way to school children are very yearning, in the Torre magic ability to change out of Kang Na's household registration, she was willing to enter school, and soon became the popularity of the class king. With his classmates, he became a good friend and occasionally went to play in the home of Sichuan.康娜是一个为了追寻托尔的脚步而来到人类世界的龙娘,另一个原因是因为恶作剧被从原来的世界放逐了。有着我行我素的性格,给人一种天然呆的无口印象。目前居住在小林的家里,并由托尔负责照顾。、有着旺盛的好奇心和食欲,外表和人类小学生非常相似,身穿具有民族风格的衣服。对托尔非常敬仰,起初很嫌弃将托尔“变成”女仆的小林,之后随着接触而向小林敞开心扉,并了解到关于人类世界的更多常识。对上学路上的小学生们非常向往,在托尔用魔法能力变出康娜的户籍后她如愿得以入学,并很快成为班级里的人气王。与同班同学才川成为好朋友,偶尔会去才川家里玩。


          最毁形象《银魂》 桥本环奈


          The "silver soul" ruin the image of Hashimoto Na

          Just released in known Gorilla "silver soul" was adapted into the movie news, many users are not optimistic about this movie. But Shun Oguri, Hashimoto Na, Kanda Masa's three people's house group still got a lot of affirmation. In order to restore the Kagura, Hashimoto Na made many ruin the image of things, such as a roll on the table, hardcore dig nostril, Yi Yan roll and other scenes for the movie fans left deep impression. The beautiful girls of the millennium have completely released themselves in the film. Hashimoto Na once said she enjoyed the shooting process, and in order to better restore the nose scene, she also put her first joint in his nose to pick out. Can let Hashimoto Na destroy the image of Goddess so confidently, have to say "silver soul" charm is indeed great.


          神乐拥有大大咧咧的外向性格,身为女主毫不在意自己的形象,可以和银时当街互抹鼻屎。毒舌,腹黑,说话时句末常有阿鲁(アル)的口癖,会毫不留情地挖苦任何人。虽然有好战的天性,但是时时刻刻都在和好战的本能战斗,想改变整个夜兔族。本性天真善良,和普通的小女孩一样,有时会不经意间流露出孩子的本性。曾为一把银时送的花伞欢天喜地,但后来善良的神乐还是将伞送给了一对穷苦的兄妹。想要改变夜兔族,与夜兔好战的天性战斗,用自己的力量去保护而不是伤害他人。Outgoing personality with Kagura careless, as women don't care about their image, and silver in mutual wipe booger. Tongue, to the end of the sentence subtly malicious, often (,,) Aru mouth addiction, relentlessly ridicule anyone. Although there was a belligerent nature, they fought all the time with the belligerent instinct, trying to change the whole night hare. Nature is naive and kind, like the ordinary little girl, sometimes unwittingly reveals the nature of the child. Have a silver flowers full of joy but good umbrella, umbrella or Kagura gave a poor brother and sister. Want to change the night hare, the belligerent battle with the night hare, use their own power to protect instead of injure others.


          作者:2017年动漫之最 来源:2017年动漫之最
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