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  核心提示: 荣获澳大利亚GDAA 2017年度最佳游戏——Hand of Fate2官方中文配音版 《命运之手2》强势来袭!游戏完美融合塔罗牌与地下城战斗元素,集...

荣获澳大利亚GDAA 2017年度最佳游戏——Hand of Fate2官方中文配音版 《命运之手2》强势来袭!游戏完美融合塔罗牌与地下城战斗元素,集格斗+角色扮演为一体的全新升级体验!由国内顶级发行商游道易推出,游戏现已正式登陆steam平台,并且现在起至春节期间下载游戏还可以尊享8.5折优惠。Australia won the 2017 game of the year - GDAA Hand of Fate2 official Chinese dubbed version of "the hand of fate" 2 strong incoming! The perfect fusion of game of Tarot dungeons and battle the elements, set fighting + role-playing experience as one of the new upgrade! By the country's top publishers tour road easy to launch, the game has officially landed on the steam platform, and now to download the game during the Spring Festival can also enjoy 15% off discount.

本次《命运之手2》为了增强玩家的代入感与体验,此次还特意邀请了资深的配音团队进行游戏配音,同时游戏文本也进行了全面优化,国内玩家可以更加畅快的享受剧情.这一场更华丽的复仇之旅,你准备好迎接命运的挑战了吗?The "2" the hand of fate in order to enhance the game player into a sense and experience, this also specially invited senior team for the game dubbing dubbing, and game text also conducted a comprehensive optimization, the domestic game player can more enjoy the fun story. This is a more magnificent journey of revenge, you are ready to meet the fate of the the challenge?


史诗剧情 探寻世界的真相《命运之手2》延续了前作的剧情设定,并且极大优化了剧情的完整度,玩家将在游戏中一步步探寻关于主角的秘密。区别于传统卡牌的玩法,《命运之手2》将卡牌命运选择与剧情发展连系在一起,玩家的每一项选择都会推动命运的齿轮缓缓前进,而丰富的剧情选择也造就了不可预知的结局发展。The epic plot explores the truth of the world. The hand of Destiny 2 continues the plot setting of the previous work, and greatly optimizes the integrity of the plot. The player will explore the secrets of the protagonist step by step in the game. Different from traditional card playing, "destiny's hand 2" connects card fate selection with plot development. Every choice of players will push the gears of fate to move slowly, and rich plot choices also create unpredictable ending development.

在这里你走的每一步、做的每一次选择都需要非常小心,看似简单的战斗,却是命运之手的操控。百年前统治世界的发牌人被推翻,世界更换了新的主宰。如今,蛰伏百年的老发牌人邀你一同踏上他的复辟之旅。是命运对强者的认可?还是被人操控的复仇工具?这一切需要你来做决定!Every step you take here and every choice you do need to be very careful. The seemingly simple battle is the control of the hand of fate. A hundred years ago, the dominion of the world was overthrown, and the world changed a new master. Now, the old man who has been dormant for a hundred years invites you to step on his restoration. Is it the recognition of fate for the strong, or a vengeance tool that is manipulated? All this requires you to make a decision!


上百种事件卡牌随机组合,让玩家体验无尽的乐趣。下一刻等待你的是幸运女神的眷顾还是来自灾祸之神的审判,你不得不感叹这就是命运的神奇之处。而在这款游戏中你将在不断的选择中了解到关于这个世界更多的不为人知的故事。帝国起源、灾难的由来、一个个人物背后的精彩故事,这一切都显得那么引人入胜。The random combination of hundreds of event cards makes players experience endless fun. The next moment of waiting for you is the care of the goddess of luck or the trial of the God of disaster, and you have to sigh that this is the magic of fate. And in this game, you'll learn more about the world's more unknown stories in a constant choice. The origin of the Empire, the origin of the disaster, the wonderful stories behind the characters, all of which are so fascinating.

丰富卡牌 多样玩法融为一体《命运之手2》中拥有比前作更为丰富的卡牌库和玩法体系,事件牌、装备牌、地形牌还有更为稀有的机会卡,事实上搭配卡组是一问高深的学问,但随机应变才是成为高手的必备素质,因为在这款游戏中充满了不确定的随机命运,鉴定血统的机会卡,听天由命的掷骰子,一切都将颠覆传统卡牌的固定套路,将玩家放在命运的轮盘中。The rich and diverse gameplay cards into the hand of fate "2" have more abundant than before the library card and play system, event card, card, card and terrain equipment more rare chance cards, in fact collocation card group is a question profound knowledge, but it is a necessary quality master, because in this game full of random fate uncertain, identification of lineage chance cards, fatalistic dice, stereotypes and everything will subvert the traditional card game player, will put in the fate of the wheel.


这就是游戏的魅力所在,游戏中玩家构建的牌组也将被全部打乱随机分配,下一秒会出现什么样的卡牌来影响牌局走向,通过随机与计算的结合,最终玩家将在一场牌局中体验到各种神奇的感受。有可能刚开局你就会抽到强力卡牌,又或者霉运附体直接GAME OVER。当然,高手总是能够掌握自身的命运,这就要看你的牌组搭配是否合理有效。This is the charm of the game, card game player in the game set will be completely disrupted random distribution, the next second will appear to influence what kind of card game to, through a combination of random and calculation of the final game player will experience all kinds of feelings in a poker game. It is possible to start with a strong card, or a mold or a GAME OVER. Of course, the master is always able to grasp the fate of your own, which depends on whether your group is reasonable and effective.

独有卡牌战斗 爽快战斗惊奇冒险《命运之手2》最具颠覆性的设定在于将卡牌效果用战斗呈现出更加别具特色的玩法。游戏中将根据卡组随机生成的卡牌序列与排放配置构建副本,玩家随时会遇到数十种风格迥异的敌人,双刀、剑盾、权杖…只有熟练掌握每一种武器特性才能所向披靡。每一次战斗,都是一场精彩绝伦的动作大戏,《命运之手2》对传统卡牌游戏玩法进行了彻底颠覆!The most subversive setting of "destiny's hand 2" is to fight the card effect with combat and present a more distinctive way of playing. The game will build a replica according to the card sequence generated by the card group and the emission configuration. Players will encounter dozens of different styles of enemies, double knives, sword shields and sceptres at any time. Only master every weapon properties to be invincible. Every battle, is a wonderful action big play, "the hand of fate 2" to the traditional card game play a complete subversion!


同时,《命运之手2》在前作基础上对战斗模式进行了细致打磨,玩家将在本作只体验到更加具有操作性和可玩性的战斗系统。攻击、格挡、反击一气呵成,随着剧情的发展敌人也会越来越强,玩家需要合理的搭配装备才能完成艰难的战斗。《命运之手2》不再是一款单纯的卡牌游戏,而是完美融合格斗战斗的精髓的一款创新大作。At the same time, the fate of hand 2 has made a careful polish on the fighting mode based on the previous work. Players will only experience more operational and playable combat systems in this work. Attack, block and counterattack at one time, with the development of the enemy plot will be more and more strong, game player needs reasonable collocation of equipment to complete the difficult battle. "The hand of fate 2" is no longer a simple card game, but a perfect combination of the essence of the fight fighting.


《命运之手2》官方中文配音版本现已登陆steam平台,今日起至春节期间游戏特惠8.5折。全新官方中文配音的加入,更加流畅的战斗体验以及突破前作的史诗剧情,一切都值得你的体验,别犹豫,赶紧加入这一场华丽的复仇之旅吧!The official Chinese dubbing version of destiny's hand 2 has now landed on the steam platform, from today to 15% off of the game during the Spring Festival. The new official Chinese dubbing, the more fluent experience of battle and the epic story before breaking away are all worth your experience. Don't hesitate to join this gorgeous revenge journey.

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